The Legend

The residence on McCune Road has been left abandoned and over grown for years. What happened here years ago shocked and disgusted the quiet township of Independence....

On April 13th 1862, Fred McCune moved his family from New York City to the quiet mountains of Pennsylvania. They built a gorgeous home on multiple acres of land and life seemed normal.

What Freddy didn't know, at the time, was that the land that he had purchased was a burial ground once occupied by the Aliquippa Indians. On or about May 12th 1863 Lawrence McCune, the brother of Freddy, discovered a cave opening that had been covered by brush and grown over with weeds. A rich stench oozed through the air and a cold desolate feeling came over him. He reported the finding to Freddy immediately.

The morning of May 16th 1863, Freddy, his brother, nephew and two young sons ventured into the cave to investigate the smell. They never came out. The McCune residence was abandoned by his wife and two daughters who returned back to New York.

In 1972, a man by the name of Tom Reinhold left Baltimore Maryland, where he worked for Bethlehem Steel, to take a promotion with J&L Steel in Pittsburgh. He was told the story of the McCune residence and property but was thrilled of the location and the home that sat on the property.

He and his wife Mary decided to purchase the home and property and McCune Road. They moved their one daughter and five sons to the McCune home and lived happily for 2 years.

On April 23rd 1974, Lewis Reinhold, the elder of the sons, discovered the opening to the cave. His father, Tom, saw him looking in the opening and asked that he stay away from it. While Lewis turned to listen to his father he was swept into the opening. Local authorities were called but suspicious of Tom's story. The Aliquippa police interrogated Tom and his wife but their story never changed.

On April 24th 1974, Tom went to look for his son. He never came out.

Mary Reinhold had a nervous breakdown and was eventually committed to a sanitarium. Their daughter, Melissa and four other sons, were sent to live with the Aunt in Baltimore. The property on McCune road has been left abandoned and desolate for years.

Until now….

Although the cave is deemed uninhabitable by the living, 1/2 mile of the cave and corridor are now open to the public and deemed to be somewhat safe. Come out starting September 15th at 7:30PM and enter the all enclosed 1/2 mile of hell. Maybe you will make it out. Or then again maybe not…

Half of the scare is just getting there…