In 1860, Fred McCune and his family were looking to build a better life and decided to go looking for property to build their family home. Fred and his brother Todd came across a beautiful stretch of land on top of a mountain that they felt was perfect for their family. They purchased the land and began to clear the property to build their house. While clearing the property, the two brothers found numerous arrowheads and other Indian artifacts. Unbeknownst to them, they began disturbing ancient Indian burial grounds. Thinking nothing of the artifacts they found, they continued on with the construction.

Over the next 3 years, Fred and his family began to experience many unsettling events. While playing outside, Fred’s three sons would complain about a man who seemed to be from another time watching them from a distance. After dark, the family would hear strange growling and moaning coming from the surrounding woods all while the beat of a drum continuously sounded. Fred’s wife, Susan, would gripe over the wretched smells that seemed to come and go. Fred would always calm his families fears and brush off the incidents as though it was all in their heads. One beautiful summer day, Todd decided he would investigate. He was exploring the surrounding wooded area when he came across a mysterious cave. He was certain no one in his family had ever seen it before. He went to discuss the cave with Fred, and together they decided to take Fred’s three sons and inspect the cave. Upon arriving at the mouth of the cave, they noticed a very strong foul odor coming from inside the cave. They were hesitant but decided to enter anyways; they were never heard from again. In her despair, Susan ended her life because she couldn’t bear to live without her family.

The property lied vacant for many decades until in 1972 when the Reinhold family thought they found the house of their dreams. They quickly decided to move into Fred’s old family home. John and Mary Reinhold were certain they had found the perfect home to raise their 5 sons and their daughter Melissa. After living on the property for a little over a year, John’s eldest son, John Jr, came across the cave in the woods. John Jr was very curious as to what could be inside, so he entered and never came home. Upon realizing that their son was missing, Mary sent John Sr to find their missing son. After hours of searching John finally found the cave. While standing at the mouth of the cave, he noticed a wretched smell and decided he had to search the cave. He disappeared into the darkness never to be seen or heard from again. Mary Reinhold couldn’t take the pain of losing her firstborn child and her husband all at once and it sent her spiraling into a deep and dark depression. She was stuck in a nervous breakdown and eventually ended up committed to a sanitarium while the remaining 5 children were sent to live with their Aunt in Baltimore, never to know what happened in the cave.

The property has been left abandoned and desolate for years….. until now!
Although the cave has been deemed uninhabitable by the living, ½ mile of the cave is now open to the public and deemed to be somewhat safe.

Come out and join us starting Friday September 16th at 7:00 pm and enter the all enclosed ½ mile of hell to find out what happened for yourself.

Maybe you will make it out …. or then again maybe NOT!!